Our 'One Day' experiences consist of concentrated practical learning with high quality notes to guide students, and robust equipment parts kits and models that have been thoroughly tested over the past 20 years.

Whether it's a robotics, electronics or aeronautical learning experience you're after, then you are in the right place.

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The pilot in the above video is Tokkie. My name is Coach Michael.

I started www.RobotScience.co.za almost two decades ago when I returned to South Africa after working for a software company in the USA. The aim remains to bring practical STEM education using desktop robots to underprivileged youth where I live.

Through my efforts to help other people, over the past 20 years my own horizons [and skills] have expanded dramatically, having developed hardware and written textbooks, having started a robotics competition and transitioned in my full time occupation into living the life of my dreams.

Why did I tackle building a foamboard model aircraft? Well, I have always been fascinated by aircraft and flying. The 1990s were an exciting time for me when I was able to skydive, scuba dive, get a ride on a hot air baloon and a microlight, I also flew on a DC3 and a Junkers JU52 and a whole lot of other aircraft. In 1993 I even had the privilege of flying on a BA Concorde at Mach 2.5... a story that I will unpack another day ... but getting back to the present heavier-than-air flight has been a dream of mankind for thousands of years that finally became reality with the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk in 1903.

The attraction of pusher-layout planes is when you are learning to fly RC, which is not easy, is having the motor behind the wing could save you money in broken props and bent motor shafts. While pusher layout planes may seem a little strange, one of the most successful WWI aircraft was the DH2 which became a real problem for the Germans.

The MWARI is an incredible state-of-the-art modern aeroplane, that is made north of Pretoria at Wonderboom Airport in South Africa. Check out this video:

In building foaMWARI I am realising my own lifelong ambition to learn more about aviation and aerospace, and hopefully will inspire some young [and old] people into making their own foam board radio control [RC] model of Paramount Group's MWARI themselves.


Y'all welcome to let me know if you want to build your own model of this magnificent airplane at home, if there is enough interest it might be worth the effort required to create plans and maybe even a kit.

If you want to get started right away, then you might consider doing the same as I did in order to get started which is to watch as many FLITE TEST youtube videos as you can, and also watch all the videos from the youtube channel EXPERIMENTAL AIRLINES. These two youtube channels, and a few others, have taught me enough to design and build my own model airplane and can help you too.

Meantime, you are welcome to message me [and encourage me with your interest in foaMWARI] and leave messages and requests at www.youtube.com/electronicsafrica.

Please take some time to explore this extensive website, download some of our class notes, and watch some of our YouTube videos. There is a ton of useful stuff here that can guide you to a career in electronics and robotics [or your learners if you are a teacher].


Eight years ago a 14-year-old who was keen on electronics participated in Coach Michael's robotics programme at University of Johannesburg, and took his first steps into the exciting world of electronics and mechatronics. At the end of 2020 he graduated with ten distinctions as an electronics engineer.

In early 2021 Coach Michael assisted this former student secure his first position at Paramount Group as a junior engineer where he is rising rapidly up the ranks. If you want this to be your story a few years from now take a look at www.robotscience.co.za and contact Coach Michael today.

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