March 2016

Since 2010 we have produced more than 360 educational videos that have now been viewed more than 220,000 times.

Embedded in this page are just a few of our hundreds of videos, if your want to see them all these are our youtube channels:



Learn how to feed sensor information to the microcontroller

Virtual tour of the SAIEE museum of electronics

Learn how to control the servo motors on your AfrikaBot

Young ladies attend the First Avenue Institute Girls Winter Camp

University of Johannesburg undergraduates make the world a better place

Prof Robert Henry from University of New Hampshire, USA

First Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics takes it to another level

Youngsters learn about robotics at UJ TechnoLab Holiday Clubs

First Avenue Institute Girls Winter Camp 2015

We visit The Airplane Factory a little south of Johannesburg

This is one of a series that explains how a transistor works (not narrated)

Check out some spectacular footage of a Mars rover robot

Local champions from World Robotics Olympiad, Jakarta Indonesia

A detailed 40 minute video on how to build the P1X8 AfrikaBot controller

RobotScience at UJ TechnoLab - fast

Parents explain what it takes for teenagers to participate in robotics


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