NOV 2012 UPDATED DEC 2014 SEP 2017

books, magazines & self study opportunities

Every day I meet young people who say "if only i could get an opportunity to study robotics then my life would be better..."

When I was young I never got the opportunity to study robotics, so I understand the pain of being denied opportunity.

However, what I did do is READ and find out everything I could myself on my own... without any help...

Today I run the best robotics training outfit for youth in the world because I know exactly how tough it can be to study on one's own.

I have done everything I can to make it easier for you than it was for me, but if you don't read then there is NOTHING that I can do for you.

Knowing that there is nothing holding you back, that nobody other than you can help you, why don't you get some of these books and take a look at our easy "datasheets" and start reading today?

If you read a little every day who knows where you might be in 30 years?

Best wishes

Michael Ettershank
info@ robotscience.coza


To do well in science, technology, engineering & mathematics you need to develop enough self-discipline to read.

If you decide not to read the plain truth is that you will never progress.

That is the simple truth.

"The HARDER you WORK the luckier you get"

The above quote is from Gary Player.

He is a world champion.

Start reading and working your way through this website today and you can become a world champion.



For teenagers the comic book illustrated format of "The Manga Guide to Electricity" is absolutely fantastic, for the basics of electronics and adults we recommend the UK edition of "Electronics for Dummies"

For microcontrollers and robotics and programming we recommend Parallax Robotics with the Boe-Bot:

We also recommend that you look out for old copies of electronics magazines from which you can learn heaps! Check out ROBOT MAGAZINE and SERVO MAGAZINE and ELEKTOR and NUTS n VOLTS...

To help you get started please also watch and learn from our instructional videos - there are more than 160 that you can download and watch at your leisure.