NOV 2012

BOOKS (for self study)

Apart from our main core of 12 robotics textbooks [written by one of the world's leading robotics experts] here's a small sample of some of the other popular texts that we use to create our exciting learning modules...

To do well in science, technology, engineering & mathematics you need to develop enough self-discipline to read, the more you read the easier it gets.

If you do not like to read it's going to be much harder to succeed.

With robotics and STEM there are no shortcuts, and the harder you work the luckier you get.

For teenagers the comic book illustrated format of "The Manga Guide to Electricity" is fantastic, for advanced learners and adults we recommend the UK edition of "Electronics for Dummies"

To help you get started please watch our videos - there are more than 160 that you can download and watch at your leisure.