SATURDAY 11 February 2017: 10h00-12h00

The RobotScience Project at University of Johannesburg is where teenagers who have passed their 14th birthday learn how to build their own robots.

Activities in the RobotScience Project at UJ TechnoLab are only offered to age 14 onwards as this is the developmental level these activities have been designed for.

In addition to requring the maturity of a 14 year old to complete the tasks, there is also a real risk of burns and injuries in this programme for pre-teens.

The RobotScience Project requires the use of soldering irons and other potentially dangerous equipment, which is why below the age of 14 we recommend the LEGO early robotics learning experience as offered by LEGO EDUCATION AGENTS www.HandsOnTech.co.za and their partners.

When you attend our OPEN DAY make sure you have positive ID with you (green barcode ID book or new SA ID card) or you may not gain access to University of Johannesburg Kingsway Campus because our security is excellent.

Please contact us if you would like to attend info (a) robotscience.co.za or contact Michael 082 962 2772.

The University of Johannesburg and its partner the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) want more South African teenagers to get early exposure to engineering concepts through involvement in AfrikaBot 'the world's most affordable robotics competition'.

AfrikaBot is South Africa's first robotics competition for high school teenagers and university undergraduates who are smart enough to build their own robots from electronic parts rather than simply clipping a consumer type robot together.


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