AUG 2012

MECCANO is the secret of really cool KIDS ...

MECCANO is the secret of professional ENGINEERS ...

Get a MECCANO (TM) kit and start learning today.

Speak to your parents very nicely and explain that it's educational.

Be determined and polite.

If they still won't help wash cars or get a job and buy it yourself!

The MECCANO "Multi Models #6515" kit for just R250 has all the parts and a booklet to assemble 15 models.

At R50 to wash mom's car that's just five washes and you can start training.

Start with the most basic models like the jetplane fighter.

Once you get the hang of it make the more complex models in the booklet.


Learn to walk before you try to run.

South African MECCANO Club


If you are a parent please get involved and help your kid.

I have no shares in MECCANO and don't benefit if you buy a kit.

Your kid will benefit immensely.

If you can sit with your kid and help them they wil always remember.

A recent study revealed the average parent now only spends an hour a week directly engaged in educational activities with their children.

Do not assemble for your child - help them read the instruction booklet.

Once they're done tell them how pleased you are.

Tell them how clever they are repeatedly - that's called positive reinforcement.

Never ever criticize or belittle or compare one child to another.