DEC 2014

Parts kits to build the AFRIKABOT

Mantech keeps all the parts for AfrikaBot 'the world's most affordable robotics competition'

Whatever your robotics needs, if they don't have it they can help you source it quickly with airfreight consignments of electronic parts arriving every day from all over the world.

Their margins are slim and their prices are reasonable.

Search for what you are looking for - if you have a part number to enter into the search field on their web page that is always helpful.

These are some of the kits they can supply to help you build your AfrikaBot competition robot:

Check out the display cabinet at UJ TechnoLab that was donated by so we can display the robots made by our trainees:

Look at all this cool stuff you can build with us!

1. P1X8 on veroboard

2. P1X8 robot complete

3. Get the parts from

4. Wall-e robot with P1X8 processor in Meccano

5. Learn how to lay out a printed circuit board for P1X8 processor

6. Build bigger and more powerful robots

7. The Parallax ActivityBot has an 8-core processor that programs in C

8. Clear and easy to understand diagrams mean the difference between success and failure

9. Learn about how electronic parts work by building small circuits

10. Learn how to read electronic schematic diagrams

11. All our training is backed up by world class notes

12. Get off the Eskom power grid and go green

14. Get the parts to make the projects

Next open day:

Saturday 22 November, 2014
11h30 to 16h00
@ UJ TechnoLab, Lab B52
University of Johannesburg
Kingsway Campus

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What can you learn with us? (advanced robotics stuff)

What can you learn with us? (the basics of electronics)

Check out this cool small + fast robot:

Check out our cool big tank tracks robot:

Scenes from our open day at University of Joahnnesburg in 2013:

In 2013 RobotScience at UJ TechnoLab received a grant from the Shuttleworth Foundation, that enabled us to continue training underprivileged South African teenagers for another year. Thanks!

Take a look at some scenes from our training programme in 2014: