(Steven, Stefan & Simon)

See you @ World Robotics Olympiad 2011 Abu Dhabi ...

Steven, Simon and Stefan are "S to the power of three" or TEAM S-CUBED.

For the past three years these young South Africans have worked on their solutions to problems that paraplagics and quadriplegics face in every day life. They have also explored how robots can help people with other disabilities in their every day lives.

With their unique understanding of the daily challenges facing people with disabilities Steven and his friends Simon and Stefan are going to make a big contribution to developing affordable solutions for physically and mentally challenged people one day. believes TEAM S-CUBED is a winning team and wishes them the best for the World Robotics Olympiad in Abu Dhabi.

Our feeling is whether TEAM SCUBED gets a trophy or not they are already winners.

Like the mom of another great but physcially disadvantaged South African Olympic winner Oscar Pistorius said:

"if you participate you are a winner - the only loser is the one who does not participate"

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