Coach Michael started experimenting with teaching robotics when he returned to South Africa in 2000 after a two year stint in the USA where he worked for a softare company.

After his programme at University of Johannesburg [2014-2018] was cancelled Coach Michael joined Paramount Group, a leading privately-owned enginering company in South Africa where he prototypes equipment and and makes custom designed parts using CNC, laser and 3D printing machines.

In addition to his regular work, he is keeping the dream of robotics education for all alive with the Paramount Robotics Club that aims to inspire South African youth to consider maths and science-related careers like engineering.

In his spare time [which unfortunately he seems to have less and less of] Coach Michael tinkers with and repairs classic HiFi equipment using any profits to buy parts for his youth programmes.

If you still have a turntable and record collection that you love, even if it doesn't work any more, we would be delighted to modernise, upgrade and transform your prized classic into a modern turntable that looks like the spectacular record player on this page.

This amazing turntable was created by Coach Michael using high quality parts from an [ugly] old British turntable with an excellent main bearing and drive that he combined with entirely new custom designed parts machined from aircraft grade aluminium.

Contact Michael on 082 962 2772 for a free consultation to find out whether your dearly beloved old turntable is suitable for conversion and how much it will cost. We'd also be delighted to receive any donations of hifi equipment you no longer use, no matter what condition it's in, to repair and sell to support our programmes.

We can also modernise, upgrade and customise your old hifi [amplifier] and speakers.

Can you play music from your cellphone into your existing hifi and listen to your music on proper high quality speakers? Ask us about our add-on bluetooth module that will work with and bring your legacy hifi equipment into the 21st Century.




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