Coach Michael returned South Africa [after two years in the USA working for a software company] with the goal of teaching youth how to build robots.

A flash grant from the Shuttleworth Foundation helped Michael start a youth robotics programme at University of Johannesburg [2014-2018] where he started AfrikaBOT "the world's most affordable robotics competition".

When the AfrikaBOT Competition was cancelled by University of Johannesburg, Coach Michael was fortunate to be able to join Paramount Group, South Africa's leading privately-owned engineering and manufaturing company.

At Paramount Group Coach Michael prototypes parts for critical equipment, and is in charge of a maker space where staff can come to have him teach them how to design and make parts using CNC, laser and 3D printing machines.

Coach Michael designed a world class build-it-yourself robot for his youth programmes, and has written two textbooks aimed at 14-18 year olds with a third textbook currently in production.

Coach Michael is keeping his youth robotics programme alive at Paramount Group inspiring young people to consider maths and science-related careers like engineering.

In his spare time Coach Michael builds and repairs HiFi equipment in the hope that these activities might one day fund the youth robotics programmes.

Not satisfied with certain aspects of his first audiophile turntable prototype, featured in the video above, Coach Michael went back to the "drawing board" and completely redesigned the turntable the results of which can be seen below.

Contact Coach Michael on 082 962 2772 if you are interested in finding out more about how you can acquire one of these special turntables, and our other equipment like a bluetooth converter for classic amplifiers so you can listen to the music on your cellphone through your hifi.




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