It is my personal conviction that if each one of us can make an effort to convert to solar power in South Africa, taking ourselves off the Eskom national power grid one household at a time, that we will not in fact need to build any nuclear power stations.

I believe that we have already seen large-scale devastation of the environment in South Africa by industries like mining that was once profitable, but those same beneficiaries are now long gone and there simply isn't anyone around now that wants to foot the bill and clean up the mess.

In a country beset with social problems and poverty, the environment seems to always take the back seat, and with nuclear power the risk to environment and living beings lasts hundreds of years for just a moment's benefit.

The question we have to ask is will future generations be smart and disciplined enough to realise the implications of mismanaging huge dumps of radioactive nuclear waste?

Perhaps the myths and legends around King Tut's curse of the Pyramids stems from the fact that these structures were built by craft from another planet that left hazardous waste behind.

Perhaps humans in whatever forms we evolve/devolve into in the future will have to make up stories to keep each other away from the sites where our hazardous waste is seeping out...

Hmmmm, sounds like a nice science fiction novel coming on...

Back to the present, it is my hope that you will join us on this journey of learning, as we develop our own set of learn-as-you go solar power controllers and management systems using tried and tested technology.

Watch this space as we will be putting up lots of tech stuff here in time on how to DIY it...

Warm regards
Michael e