May 2016

If you have built your AfrikaBot controller, and you are looking around for an affordable chassis to build your robot contact michaele [at] to get the parts to glue one of these robust chassis for your robot at just R50.00 per set. This is a cash/collect from UJ TechnoLab only offer.

You will need a tube of PVC weld glue that you can acquire from Builders Warehouse for R18.

If you live further afield send me an email and I will send you a link of how to get hold of this chassis.

Watch the video of the AFRIKABOT CHASSIS being cut by a CNC machine, then scroll down this page to find the DXF file for 1.6mm and 3mm materials like PCB and Masonite and plastic, etc.

UJ TechnoLab invites all school learners, undergraduates, postgraduate students from all univeristies and international teams to consider entering AfrikaBot competition.

This competition is open to ordinary members of the public, scholars and students in many categories.

This page shows how to make the AfrikaBot with a CNC router chassis if you have acccess to CNC equipment.

If you do not have access to a CNC machine you can simply glue Lego blocks together or make your robot from pieces of wood or any other junk you have lying around.

You can get a kit of these parts from or



DOWNLOAD THE DXF FILE FOR 3.0mm MATERIAL [MDF/Masonite/plastic etc...]

if you have your own CNC router machine.

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