JAN 2013


Adrian Sutton and Michael Ettershank were primary school buddies, and although they went to different high schools they often got together to share their common interest in things electronic.

As teenagers they made electronic gadgets, and produced sound recordings using now very antique Akai reel-to-reel tape recorders.

A highly accomplished violinist, even as a teenager Adrian Sutton recalls that he decided to become a composer after listening to TUBULAR BELLS that belonged to Michael's sister.

Today Adrian Sutton is composer for many productions at the UK National Theatre with many prestigious awards under his belt.

Adrian returned to the UK at 17 and completed his studies at Goldsmiths College.

He has frequently written music for commercials including VW Golf.

He has also provided scores for three feature films.

War Horse came to the National Theatre in March 2009, and the New York premiere of War Horse in April 2011 racked up a sweep of five Tony Awards.

Adrian Sutton granted Michael Ettershank permission to use some of his futuristic compositions to spice up the videos of www.ROBOTSCIENCE.co.za as a tribute to their friendship.

This is the renewal of a collaboration that began when Adrian's parents moved down from Rhodesia to South Africa in 1980 and they become friends 32 years ago.

Www.ROBOTSCIENCE.co.za is deeply appreciative that we have access to a world class composer.